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Our company is unique. We welcome the challenge and opportunity to assist people and organizations that appreciate the impact that value systems have on leadership and productivity.

If you are interested in taking positive action to align and realize your mission effectively with forward thinking diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and global ideals, we are the company for you.

Strategic Ethical Expert Solutions (SEES), LLC is a comprehensive, solutions-based company designed to assist you and your organization in multiple ways. Our consultants will meet you where you are to assist you to see your best possibilities and seize the moment by transforming your vision into reality and heightening personnel performance at all levels.

From one-on-one Executive Coaching, to Organizational Behavior Management, to Strategic Planning, Capital Campaigns and Public Relations, SEES can help you and your organization operate more efficiently and realize measurable results. Led by data-driven, strategic approaches to issues, challenges, and dynamics that require new pathways to success, we offer support via Executive Audits, Emergency Planning and Training, Management of Governing Boards, and Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Top Talent. We also offer an extensive network of professionals with whom we can connect you in order to enrich your resource pool.

Our Commitment

SEES will work with your organization to develop a timeline, delivery system, and cost structure that is comfortable and fits your needs. Services are delivered face-to-face, remotely, and often a hybrid of the two. By establishing a clear pathway forward, you will know exactly what to expect each step along the way.


Whether you need a wide range of our services or only require one-time assistance, the SEES team of experts and consultants are here to help with offerings that can be adapted to meet any task, goal, or budget.

Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion (DEI)
and Conflict
Presentation: Speaker/Lecture
Workshop: Facilitator/Trainer
Assessment: Independent Auditor/Self-Survey Review
Initiatives: Program Development and Implementation
Content: Literature/Module Development
Research and PublicationsProfessional Writing Services: Manuscript Evaluation/Critique, Copy Editing, and Proofreading
Thesis and Dissertation Services: Topic Proposal /
Literature Review/Research Methodology/Data Analysis/IRB
Guidance/Editorial Assistance/Dissertation Defense Prep
Academic Mentoring: Job Talk Prep/Journal Publication
Global Literacy and LanguagesImmersion Travel: Travel Seminars and Small Group Cultural Immersion Study
Course Offerings: Small group or individual tutorials in Art History, American History, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies and Diasporic studies 
Language Tutorial and Training: Hebrew, Latin, and Greek
Cross-cultural Workshops: Interreligious and Interfaith Dialogue and Focus Groups
Professional Leadership and Development Executive Coaching: One-on-one mentoring 
Workshops: Thematic Seminars/Staff Retreats
Presentation: Speaker/Lecture
Vision Casting Strategic Planning: Capital Campaign Design and Project Launch 
Fundraising:  Grant Writing Opportunities and Assistance


Mark Toulouse, Principal Emeritus of Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto - "I can recommend, without hesitation, the leadership team associated with SEES to universities, divinity schools, seminaries, politicians, corporations, and any number of other institutions and leaders interested in addressing systemic issues, most of which are deeply ingrained and difficult to identify.  This leadership team can create helpful and focused solutions to address these kinds of issues, always offered with strong doses of grace, wit, and concern for all. I have worked alongside members of this team in a variety of settings and have been impressed by the precision associated with both their ethical analyses and their constructive offerings to address the needs of particular contexts. Invest in a better future by taking advantage of what SEES has to offer to you and for your location!"

“I can recommend, without hesitation, the leadership team associated with SEES…”

Mark Toulouse, Principal Emeritus of Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto
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