Our People

Stacey Floyd-Thomas, CEO, President

Stacey Floyd-Thomas, PhD, MBA is a native Texan and Nashville-based scholar, author, public speaker, DEI trainer, management consultant, religious leader, and executive coach. She is currently the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Chair and Associate Professor of Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt University and serves on the State of Tennessee Ethics Commission. She is a nationally recognized teacher and leading voice in social ethics who provides leadership to several national and international organizations that educate, advocate, support and shape the strategic work of individuals, initiatives, and institutions in their organizing efforts of championing and cultivating cultural literacy and ethical leadership for competitive markets in a changing world. She holds a PhD in Ethics, MBA in organizational behavior and two Masters in Comparative religion and Theological Studies with certification in women’s studies, cultural studies, and counseling. As an expert in ethics and a licensed clergy equipped with business management, Stacey has been a lead architect in helping corporations, colleges, universities, religious congregations, and community organizations with their audit, assessment, and action plans in order to affirm both their mission and strategic plans. 

W. David Nelson, PhD is an accomplished educator, author, administrator, lecturer, and trainer with expertise in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Administrative Leadership, Institutional Development, Conflict Resolution, Research/Publications, Interfaith Dialogue, and Global/Linguistic Literacy. A scholar of both Religious and Jewish Studies at the intersection of race/ethnicity, David has extensive international research, educational, lecture, and interfaith dialogue experience. He has lived, studied, and served as a research professor in Jerusalem and is a highly skilled author and editor with expertise in numerous languages. David holds a BA, MA, and PhD and has more than twenty years of teaching, training, and administrative experience in educational, non-profit, and business sectors. He has served in a range of professorial, professional, leadership, and advisory capacities for higher and secondary educational institutions, along with Jewish communal and other religious organizations. David has a successful track record of impactful institutional growth and leadership development, successful fundraising, and fostering positive constituent outreach. David is a native Virginian who has lived, worked, taught, and lectured in many states and countries. He currently resides in the Boston metropolitan area.

W. David Nelson, COO, VP of Operations

Juan Floyd-Thomas, CFO, VP of Research

Juan M. Floyd-Thomas, PhD was born and raised in northern New Jersey and is currently based in Nashville. An accomplished scholar, teacher, speaker, and author, he has earned degrees from Rutgers University, Temple University, and University of Pennsylvania. His professional and research interests emphasize racial-ethnic diversity and religious pluralism in modern American society. As the author of numerous books, edited volumes, scholarly journal articles, and other published works, Juan has delivered papers and lectures widely across the United States as well as international locales such as Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Jamaica, Senegal, Ghana, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Aside from his work on college and university campuses where he has taught and mentored thousands of students over his more than two decades as a professor, Juan also has served as a consultant for various corporations, non-profit organizations,  religious and educational institutions, as well as government agencies. Additionally, he has been quoted and interviewed by a wide array of media outlets, including the Washington Post, Boston Globe, WVXU Cincinnati Public Radio, NPR’s All Things Considered, and WBEZ’s Sound Opinions.