Global Literacy and Languages

As part of our core mission, SEES is committed to assisting individuals and companies respond to the most pressing challenges confronting the nation, by embracing the knowledge, experiences, and perspectives of peoples and cultures around the globe. That is why we are determined to build and foster diverse and inclusive workplaces which will translate to diverse and inclusive world views. From its inception, SEES was designed in response to requests from both institutions and individuals for increased resources to expand the knowledge, skills, and overall dispositions required to participate more comfortably and competitively in an increasingly diverse global landscape. With our vast repository of personal knowledge and professional expertise regarding global issues and contexts, we are uniquely situated to help inform and shape current thinking about the economic, cultural, sociopolitical, and religious challenges that await as our world eventually reopens. Our consultants are respected academics who have traveled, studied, and taught extensively around the world, and have engaged in fieldwork and research which has deeply influenced institutions and the lives of their constituencies both locally and abroad. SEES in uniquely equipped to provide a wide array of consultations, travel seminars, and language / subject courses designed specifically to help English-speaking learners prepare for engagement in international contexts by improving their language proficiency and cultural literacy skills.

Global Literacy and LanguagesImmersion Travel: Travel Seminars and Small Group Cultural Immersion Study
Course Offerings: Small group or individual tutorials in Art History, American History, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies and Diasporic studies 
Language Tutorial and Training: Hebrew, Latin, and Greek
Cross-cultural Workshops: Interreligious and Interfaith Dialogue and Focus Groups
Remember, our services can be adapted to meet any task, goal, or budget.