Vision Casting

With a proven track record of success, SEES can offer assistance and guidance to individuals, churches and other religious institutions, colleges / universities, and nonprofit organizations as they envision their capital campaigns and fundraising opportunities. We are eager and capable to help individuals and organizations engage the grant-writing and fundraising process in both an efficient and ethical fashion that will enable them to raise significant, sustainable funding for any given project. Many want to know what grants are available, how to approach potential donors, how to get started with “the ask,” how to manage the rigors of the application process, or simply need technical assistance. Whether the funding initiative is to support the acquisition, construction, or renovation of a building, to serve as the basis of an endowment for ongoing / future research, or to secure funds for an extraordinary expenditure, such as an expensive piece of equipment, capital campaigns and other fundraising efforts can be imaginative, yet labor-intensive, endeavors that often span several years. SEES can help brainstorm how to envision and pursue various fundraising efforts, such as grant-writing, direct mail, special events, and direct solicitation – all of which require extraordinary preparation and skillful execution. We can provide the guidance, resources, and expertise to help point you in the right direction.

Vision Casting Strategic Planning: Capital Campaign Design and Project Launch 
Fundraising:  Grant Writing Opportunities and Assistance
Remember, our services can be adapted to meet any task, goal, or budget.